Radiant Floors: The Proven Most Comfortable Heating

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Progressive Remodelers, Builders and Heating Contractors understand that Radiant Heating gives you the absolutely most comfortable climate control experience for your home or office.

This article explains exactly why, by the PROVEN laws of physics, radiant floors, ceilings and/or walls are unquestionably the most comfortable for our body.

Have you ever noticed how cold you feel in the frozen food aisle of the supermarket?

Many are surprised to learn that the air in the ice cream aisle is the same temperature as the air in the cereal aisle!

Why does it feel so cold? Because of the huge difference between the surface temperature of the freezers and your skin. You feel cold as the warmth of your body is pulled toward the cold surface of the freezers.

Engineers call it “Cold 70”.

Natural laws say that your comfort depends not as much on the temperature of the air around you, but more on how quickly your body is losing heat.

Is your thermostat set to “Cold 70?”

Many experience this same discomfort in their own home because their furniture, walls, and floors are not warmed by their forced hot air or baseboard heating system.

Radiant floor heating silently uses your floor to heat the entire room.

Economically heated water circulates in flexible tubing below the floors, using the floor surface as a low temperature ‘radiator’.

The heat then radiates, traveling in all directions to warm all the objects in the room. The temperature of your surroundings are brought closer to your skin temperature.

Your body will lose less heat because you’re next to warm things. This perfect temperature gives you an easy feeling of well being.

You’ll sense the superior comfort right away.

You can have that comfortable feeling when you slide out of bed or walk across the kitchen floor barefoot. Step into your tile shower without freezing. Enjoy your beautiful view without feeling a chill.

Still air means no dust or germs being blown around your home. The result is a healthy, clean, quiet, draft-free living environment with up to 30% savings on heating bills.

Custom designed radiant heating can be fully zoned so each room has its own thermostat. Room by room comfort means the right level of heat is delivered exactly where you want without wasting fuel on unoccupied areas, adding to your energy savings.

The fuel savings means your radiant floor system will pay for itself.

It adds value to your home while dramatically increasing your comfort.

Radiant floors warm you like no other heating system can. People who have lived with heated floors seldom, if ever, go back to conventional heating.

And yes, you CAN have radiant floor heating with your wood floors!

Warm every foot in the house. Every square foot. Every bare foot.