Cheap or Inexpensive?

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Will a properly trained Heating Company cost you a king’s ransom?

No, it won’t.

Usually, the cheapest heating system you can buy is no bargain.

David Sellers has been hired as an expert witness in heating-disaster lawsuits throughout our region.

He is also paid THOUSANDS of dollars every year to re-do systems that were not designed and installed properly in the first place.

Nice for us to pay our bills, but still Just So Wrong. You don’t need that kind of expense and aggravation.

Why not hire a competent professional in the first place? His prices will NOT BE DOUBLE the low bidder’s price. And the EXPERTISE & INTEGRITY you get are priceless!

“They Get What They Deserve”

“We find that many of the consumers who have problems are not entirely innocent,” says Jim Stembridge, former deputy administrator of Oregon’s Construction Contractors Board.

“In fact the biggest problems occur where people believe they can get a better deal than anyone else and go for the unbelievably low bid, when they should know that they are not going to get a satisfactory product for the price they are paying.

“Consumers often get what they deserve with these ‘special deals’ that turn out to be ‘special trouble.’”

Buy Cheap With a Heavy Dose of Hope?

It’s your choice.

You can opt for the cheap (inferior quality and worth) installation.

You can hope it won’t cost you unnecessary repair and fuel bills, and untold aggravation.

You can hope that your house won’t burn down in the middle of the night due to an untrained installation technician.

You can hope if you have a warranty issue your low bidder won’t be gone, or operating out of the same pickup truck, but under a different name and phone number.

Or you can enjoy the inexpensive (delivering the best quality for the most reasonable price), expertly designed heat that gives you more value for your dollar overall.

Why Your Low Bidder Will Be Grumpy At Best, Or Long Gone, When You Need Him to Honor His Warranty

There is only one way to be successful in business: charge more for products and services than it costs to create and deliver them.

The installation price a contractor gives you needs to combine:

  • Costs for the equipment
  • Federal and State mandated labor costs (Unemployment Insurance, Worker’s Comp Insurance, Social Security and Medicare Taxes)
  • Non-negotiable costs of doing business (a truck full of tools & supplies, truck fuel, liability and vehicle insurance, telephones, equipment repairs, etc. etc. etc.)
  • A reasonable profit
“How’d I lose my shirt?”

As you compare contractors’ proposals, keep in mind that 95% of contractors go out of business within their first few years of operation. They’ve never taken a business course, and they live from job to job.

The prices they are setting have no basis in cost.

Since they have no idea what their costs of business are, they have no clue why their runaway company doesn’t have enough money at the end of the month to pay all their bills.

While these contractors are in the process of losing their shirt, something nasty happens. They take their frustration and resentment out on their customers, and start treating them badly.

How to Get a Contractor to Treat You Like Gold

On the other hand, when a contractor makes a decent living while covering his costs of business, he treats his customers like gold.

He only works for customers who want his quality craftsmanship and good care, not the lowest market price from a contractor who may be out of business before the equipment warranty expires.

His ideal client is one who believes:

  • Contractors have every right to keep a decent, comfortable roof over their families’ head.
  • It’s a good thing for their Contractor to be able to afford access to quality healthcare.
  • A Contractor who works with his hands and his back for long hours in your crawlspace or basement should be allowed a reasonable retirement plan.
  • It’s even OK for their Contractor to to have a little left over to donate to charities that turn him on!

The Highest Bidder—Flip Side of the Same Coin?

You’d be surprised at how often we also see the uninformed Heating Contractor or Builder come in as the highest bidder!

Why does this happen? It may be that because the contractor is inexperienced with the type of work you’re hiring out, they feel the need to overshoot their price to cover themselves.

Anybody can get an accurate quote on materials. But what about labor costs, with its associated overhead? Since they’ve never done your type of project before, they’re not sure what they’re in for.

They have no idea how long their crew will take to finish the job, so they overshoot the labor estimate in their quote, to make sure they cover any and all unforeseen problems.

This is why the super high bidder can often be another red flag for you.

Bring Our Expertise Home

In contrast, your Building Systems Heating Contractor’s price represents the best combination of up front costs, as well as long term operating cost.

He can often save you money by using the most up-to-date products and installation methods that the average builder and heating contractor hasn’t heard of.

And by using his decades of experience with proper design principles, he will certainly save you money on your monthly fuel bills for the life of your heating and cooling system.

While you’re profiting by the savings your well-engineered heating system will provide, you’ll also be enjoying an unsurpassed level of comfort.

Trusted Home Comfort And Efficiency Expertise

“I did plenty of research for the construction of our 9,000 square foot home, and knew that radiant floor heat was the best choice for even temperatures.

When our log home manufacturer heard we wanted underfloor heating, he recommended David Sellers Mechanical right away.

And the radiant floors work very well – as big as our rooms are, we still have even heat throughout the home.

I also like the efficiency of the system.

I prefer Dave Sellers’ systems because they’re well designed. That’s why I recommended him for my brother’s new home, and will recommend him for my son’s upcoming new home project as well.”