Ductless Multi-Room Split AC Systems

Give Dave Sellers 1 Day & He’ll Give You a Super Cool Way to Beat the Heat

  • Want superbly efficient and comfortable air conditioning, but can’t install ductwork?
  • Is your central-air-cooled home or building’s finished basement too cold, and your second floor too hot?
  • Tired of less-than-optimal window air conditioners?
  • Want a hassle-free, 1 day installation with minor disruption?

Maybe It’s Time For a Ductless Multi-Room Split Air Conditioning System

  • Adaptable and Stylish
  • Ideal for Your Home, Office, or Store

“This is my second one that I have purchased. Had one at my old house, then soon after I moved in to my new house this was the first thing I bought.”


Easy Financing Offers*

  • 9.99% APR With Monthly Payments As Low As $36.79
  • 12 Months 0 Interest, No Payments
  • Pay with Cash & Get an 8% Discount

*On approved credit

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See the Difference. Cool Elegance Never Looked so Good

  • Streamlined, indoor units connected to quietly compact outdoor units
    • Indoor units can be wall-mounted, or set into your ceiling
  • Unit is installed in your wall, not your windows. Enjoy your views!
  • A small hole in the wall is safer from intruders than through-the-wall and window units
  • Modern, sleek look for pure comfort that’s never out of style
  • Inconspicuous
  • Compact size

“I am now SO glad I made this purchase. The unit is out of the way and quiet as a church mouse.”


Feel the Difference. Be Blissfully Cool with Advanced Comfort Technology

“I love the consistent temperatures. It has also reduced the electric bill.”

M. O’Rourke
  • Daikin’s unique auto-swing louver distributes the air evenly across the room, reducing hot spots
  • Run at low speed for dehumidification at any temperature
    • No need for a water collection tank!
  • Multiple zones define comfort and savings
    • Connect up to 4 indoor units to the outdoor unit
  • Precisely controlled, steady, even temperatures
    • More than just on/off
  • Doubles as low-cost and comfortable heating
  • Room-by-room temperature settings
  • Cool only the rooms that need it

“Great investment. We purchased 3 units last July for our lakefront home in New England. One for the basement and two for the upstairs living area. We love the option of using only the dehumidifier but also being able to use the air conditioning if desired. This winter we are using the units as a supplement to our oil based radiant heat. Their very efficient and we’ve cut our oil consumption by over 50%.”

Glen O.

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Ssshhhhh! Hear the Difference

  • Whisper quiet, indoors and out!
  • System most often operates at low speeds
    • Typical indoor sound levels as low as 26 decibels (quieter than a peaceful bedroom at night)
    • Gentler indoor heating and cooling operating sounds are quieter than a whisper
    • Outdoor sound levels as low as 48 decibels (quieter than normal conversation)

“Amazingly quiet! When they first installed it I had to go outside to see if it was running, and standing beside the outdoor unit could hardly hear it running. Keeps my house very comfortable, love it!”


Breathe the Difference—Just What the Doctor Ordered

  • Air purification filter
    • Absorbs and deactivates bacteria
    • Traps microscopic particles
    • Decomposes odors

Save the Difference

“Excellent product for the cost! We have already seen a reduction in our electric bill and have only one regret that I didn’t buy earlier.”


  • Variable speeds reduce energy costs by 30% compared to traditional fixed speed systems
  • High-capacity units for unmatched performance give you energy & cost savings

“I do not have to run three 15000 BTU portable air conditioners and have a high power bill. These work great.”


“This unit will result in considerable energy savings in the years to come.”


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Experience the Difference

  • Trouble-free ownership
    • 1 year Master Mechanic’s design & install warranty
    • 7 year compressor warranty
    • 10-12 year parts warranty
  • Hassle-free installation with minor disruption, often in a single day’s work!
  • Easy to install in homes and buildings where space is limited
  • Broad selection of models
    • Fit the style and performance needs of any space
  • Wireless remote control
  • No ductwork needed!
  • User friendly

“The unit is very easy to operate and the warranties are I think the best in the business. I have recommend this to other friends of mine.”


Beauty, comfort, and durability … what more could you want? Well, there’s 1 more thing to MAKE SURE YOU GET:

The “Hire Smart” Difference: Custom-Fitted with a Master’s Touch

  • Brilliantly designed and personally installed by David Sellers, Master Mechanic
  • Qualified installers and service people for split systems are hard to find!
    • Most conventional heating and cooling contractors have a vested interest in selling sheet metal duct systems, to get a return on their sizable investment for their duct system tools and training
  • For your optimal installation cost, energy savings, and temperature and humidity control, make sure your installer:
    • Determines if you have any hot and cold spots in your home or building
    • Performs detailed load calculations to ensure proper sizing
    • Judges the best location for your unit installation
    • The difference is in the details
  • Improper installation can result in:
    • Water or refrigerant leaks
    • Higher energy usage
    • Hot and cold spots
    • Fire! Oh my!

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