8 Minute Hire Smart Crash Course

We serve Warren, Washington and Saratoga Counties, New York

Hire Smart Part 1:

Health, Safety & Energy Savings Warning:
Has your heating installer invested in this equipment?

Have you ever heard of a Combustion Gas Analyzer?

Furnace and boiler manufacturers REQUIRE the use of this expensive tester to adjust their appliance for safe and proper operation.

Yet some Tradespersons and Builder’s crews feel they can’t afford to invest in and learn how to use this vital piece of equipment.

Worse yet, others will tell you they don’t need it!

The furnace and boiler installation manuals stipulate the proper range of oxygen, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide in the exhaust.

What happens if the heating worker assigned to your project doesn’t verify the proper levels?

1. The manufacturer’s warranty may be voided

2. Your system will suck more fuel than necessary

3. Carbon monoxide poisoning can kill you!

Unfortunate news reports of near misses and deaths right here in the Glens Falls Region caused by carbon monoxide poisoning are proof that some individuals don’t take this matter seriously.

So don’t forget to ask: “Will your crew measure and adjust the combustion process for my system? Please explain.”

Here’s a 2 minute video showing how Mr. David Sellers uses the tester for your boiler room:

Hire Smart Part 2:

Do you really need the improvements your contractor is selling you?

Hire Smart Part 3:

What does your contractor guarantee?

Hire Smart Part 4:

Does your contractor like school?

Hire Smart Part 5:

Proper Radiant Heat Insulation: Does your installer know about this?

Hire Smart Part 6:
Afraid that Expert Contractors Are Over-Priced Elitists?

It goes without saying that for any purchase, large or small, we all want to get the most value for the least price possible.

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Hire Smart Part 7:
Important Hire Smart Consumer Protection Message

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